Hire Me As a Consultant or Coach
Price varies based on my fee of $200/hr.


If you need a book writing coach, developmental editor, or ghostwriter, and we both feel confident that I’m the right professional to work with you, we can discuss terms and price as we scope out the project together. Services I provide as a consultant include:

* Ghostwriting and cowriting nonfiction and memoir

* Manuscript evaluation and book coaching

* Advice and guidance on self-publishing vs. seeking a book deal

* Advice and guidance on building and developing your author platform

* Branding

* Writing blog pieces, articles, newsletters, social media posts, and memes that boost your brand and visibility

* Advice on using your website and social media to sell books and solidify your brand

* Structural editing and line editing (structural editing must precede line editing for best results)

* Advice and guidance on building your self-publishing team


If you’re interested in learning more, contact me with details at info@nancypeske.com so I can begin to determine the scope of the project and whether I’m the right professional for you and your project.

Please note that I’m not always available, and I do not work on books that are channeled or books that contain graphic violence or descriptions of abuse. I’m selective about the fiction I work on.