For the Author with a Manuscript and Partial Book Proposal

Price varies depending on the scope of the work

and is based on $200/hr. consulting fee

  • Review of your proposal (and/or manuscript) and any marketing materials you’ve created to help you sell the project or build a following and author platform (Click HERE to learn the pieces of a book proposal)
  • A 3-4 page, single-spaced letter providing specific, customized marketing advice and specific editorial advice on structure, voice, and writing (Click HERE to read more about my credentials as an in-house editor and the creator of best-selling books.)
  • My professional advice on which agents and editors you might approach and what, if anything, you need to do before taking that step
  • Guidance on whether to self-publish or seek a book deal
  • Developmental editing or ghostwriting of the materials in the proposal
  • Specific comments and feedback embedded throughout the book proposal (send material to me as a Word or Pages document)
  • Evaluation of your website and blog as well as your social media pages and strategy and platform, with recommendations for improving your platform and presentation (may include SEO tips as well as advice on design, appearance, and functionality of site and social media pages)
  • Advice on how to strengthen and solidify your brand, if needed
  • Specific recommendations for using major social media sites, free article sites, and newsletter programs to build your unique platform
  • Help with comparable books list and with identifying your core audience and adjunct audiences you can draw into your online community, as well as advice on how you might build your fan base
  • Recommendations for eliciting endorsements or a foreword for your book
  • One-to-one coaching on writing, social media, and platform
  • Recommendations regarding jacket and visual consistency with brand
  • Branding recommendations