For the Author Who Has Started Writing the Book and Has a Following


If you have begun writing a book, and can send me an outline, part of a chapter, and short explanations of what’s in each chapter (2-3 sentences), and have some online or social media presence for your writing and work, this is the package for you. I will review and make notes on the material (send it to me as a Word or Pages document), review your online presence (social media and website), and consult with you over the phone for one hour, taking notes that I’ll send to you afterward.

The service costs $1995. Together, we will determine:

* what you need to do to change or flesh out your book proposal (which should not be longer than 12,000 words) and submit it to an agent and, subsequently, an editor in a publishing house via that agent

* whether you’re better off seeking a book deal from a publisher or self-publishing. (Note that even if you’re self-publishing, going through the process of creating a book proposal is invaluable for solidifying your vision for your book.) After this consultation, you’ll have a clear idea of what your next step should be, and we can then discuss how I might be able help you further.

* what work you need to do to put together an excellent book proposal or plan for self-publishing

* whether your brand, title, and hook are going to work for you and if not, how you might improve them

* how much you want to build your author platform, and how best to do it, before you submit the proposal to an agent or small book publisher

* what your pitch will be and how to write a terrific query letter (I love to help clients with that!)

If you do have a partial or complete manuscript, send it to me before the call, as it’s possible that I may want to skim beyond the first chapter. I will not read an entire manuscript as part of the vision plan package but will do it as an add-on service. 

Please note that I need you to describe the contents of each chapter of your book, even if you have a complete manuscript. This is important for you and me, and will become part of your book proposal. I want to get an overview of the structure to give you the best possible advice on how to shape your book.

No book proposal or following yet?

If you have nothing written and no online presence, your best bet is to hire me as a book publishing consultant at my rate of $200/hr. Fill out my contact form (see tab to the right at the top of this page) to send me more information, or simply give me a description of your book and the type of help you need and contact me at info at nancypeske dot com. Tell me how much you have written and a little about yourself and how you see yourself selling the book in person and online.

If you would like me to ghostwrite your memoir, self-help, or life lessons book starting from scratch (no rough draft) and can commit to spending five figures, please give me some details along with your phone number or Skype account and a good time for us to talk.